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UP3 fanless case

The UP3 is a fanless horizontal case that supports all the ITX motherboards,55-65W TDP . Support TP240 fanless DC-ATX PSU.

UP5 fanless case

The UP5 is a MATX sized fanless horizontal case, which can install a medium length dual-slot soild viodeo cards. 100W CPU and 120W GPU can be fanless cooling in UP5. Support TP240 DC-ATX PSU or FEX300 FLEX PSU

UP10 fanless case

The UP10 is a fanless horizontal ultimate case that can intall EATX full-size motherboard.140W CPU and 160w GPU. Support for SFX and ATX power.

UP2 fanless case

UP2 is a fanless case with support for ThinITX platform. The actual full load CPU power consumption shall not be higher than 55W. Can be installed 2 of 2.5 HDD

DP2 fanless case

DP2 is a fanless case that supports the ITX integrated display platform. The actual full load CPU power consumption shall not be higher than 80W. Support TP240 DC power supply and one 2.5-inch hard disk.

UP7 fanless case

UP7 is a CPU fanless case that supports the ITX platform. It can install soild graphics CARDS with fan. Support traditional ATX power supply.


TP150 is a cheap version of TP240, rated power consumption 150W, full module line. No 6PIN independent graphics card power supply line. Suitable for PC with integrated graphics card.


TP240 as a mini-siez dc-atx power supply, 12V DC In, provides a full module wire , higher adaptability of the third party power adapter, 7x24 standard design, full tantalum capacitor, double copper circuit board

ADP150 AC-DC Adapter

The ADP150 power adapter is an ac to dc external power rated at 150W. The interface is 5.5*2.5mm DC, the efficiency rate is 91~93% and no current noise, can be used with TP240 for UP3 fanless case to form zero noise PC.

FEX300 FLEX fanless PSU

FEX300 is a fanless FLEX PSU. When installed in the UP5 case, the heat can be transfer to the UP5 case itself for cooling and the rated power consumption can be reach 300 watts . But when FEX300 is intalled in other case, the rated power consumption will down to 150W.

VP1 fanless case

The VP1 is a fanless vertical PC case that supports the ITX platform. 65W real power CPU and 40W real power GPU can be intalled in VP1. Support TP240 fandless power supply and direct plug - in DC-ATX power supply.

VP12 fanless case

VP12 is a vertical fanless case that supports ITX MATX\ATX motherboard and soild GPU card platform. 120W/CPU and 140W/GPU zero noise cooling. Support SFX\ATX PSU.


FanlessKing is a concept case designed to explore the possibilities of fanless at vertical direction. There is only one in the world, which is used by Turemetal founder Mical.Wong himself.