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    Next Generation PC Power

    Turemetal TP240 adopted the whole module wire design of innovative, also extremely luxurious materials, tantalum capacitor, double copper heavy gold circuit board is the first time to use technologies such as PC power supply products。

fanless chassis:UP2
fanless chassis:UP7
The official news

We have been producing power for the high-end case, and now we are making the high-end case ourselves
We believe that the high-end case should not only have a high appearance level but also have special functions, such as zero noise heat dissipation

The age of the big screen & mini chassis
Silly heavy traditional PC, should be eliminated early, small and beautiful silent computer, more can stimulate your work inspiration。

Radiating revolution
Turemetal, which is not satisfied with the success of fanless power, is now starting to launch fanless new chassis, more affordable, better appearance, and better heat dissipation.

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