About us

Turmetal found by Chinese Overclocking Player&Professional hardware Reporter&Player Huang Chunhui.(Mical.Wong) in Shanghai.And did everything you can imagine by oneself.Yes,I didn't hire a people.I personally designed all the products,managed the supply chain, assembled all the chassis, and made all the pictures or video ,and write all the website code.Isn't that interesting?

However, our fabless model is the same as that of NVIDIA and apple. We only do design, and hold brand and intellectual property rights. The production and manufacture of products are the result of division of labor and cooperation between more than ten companies from China.

In 2017, the product was successfully shipped through jd crowdfunding, and the first round of financing was successfully conducted in 2019

Fanless ONLY

fanless case, PSU, IPC, HIFI player, server, workstation.

The instinct to pursue aesthetics

Let the technology be artistic, we can realize the function innovation, not forget the human instinct pursuit of aesthetics, a product not only to use, but also to look good.

High cost performance

In the age of e-commerce, we abandon the multi-tiered structure of traditional agents and bring the best prices to consumers. Our products may not be cheap, but in the same class, we try to ensure the cheapest

Replace a new one if the PSU need fix

Is the product broken? Just replace it with a new one.No need to fix it(ONLY for PSU)