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Turemetal UP2

The UP2 is a fanless computer case designed for thinITX motherboard, which combines the popular open and lateral style with the function of zero noise heat dissipation. As the exterior shows, the box itself is a huge radiator, and the fan cooling effect is better than that of air cooled heat (in the same volume).

  • Only the ThinITX motherboard is supported
  • Provide two 2.5-inch HDD. Install before installing motherboard
  • Fanless heat dissipation TDP up to 51W, recommended using Intel i3 standard voltage processor
  • DLC2:This is a rectangular glass top cover, replacing the acrylic top cover of UP2,
  • DLC1:Install on the back of UP2 case. Keep the back of the chassis closed and you can install a 26mm high THINITX motherboard back damper.
  • Anodic oxidation process, laser laser LOGO, lasting.

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Zero noise experience in the mini chassis

When you don't need an independent graphics card, ThinITX motherboard become a popular choice because without traditional power and thevolume of the ultra-thin, UP2 specially designed for ThinITX motherboard, compatible with all Intel on market ThinITX mainboard platform, can be rapidly to form a high-performance PC without a fan.

As small as possible
The main body size is 220x220x50mm, which is less than 2.5 litres and can be easily carried

Zero noise experience
The inherent advantage of ThinITX motherboard is that there is no fan power system, and the CPU without fan cooling function provided by UP2 can realize the zero noise experience of the whole machine without fan at low cost

Solid materials
The UP2 is made of 5mm and 8mm thick aluminum alloy, with a high strength 1.5mm SECC and 8mm heat pipe diameter and nickel plating on the surface

Artistic appearance

Turemetal UP2 is not only a computer case, but also a desktop artwork, showing your taste.

The surface process of anodic oxidation

It USES the same anodic surface process as the apple phone, providing a more delicate texture than the cheap wire drawing process

Rich optional accessories

The picture of left,is the UP2 case withDLC1&DLC2,Satisfy the aesthetic tastes of different people

Support for high-performance quad-core cpus

The UP2 standard zero noise cooling kit supports the i3 standard voltage processor, and the high performance i7 7700T quad-core processor can also be installed

Energy efficiency requirements for far more energy stars

ThinITX motherboard power supply, generally has more than 90% high conversion rate, far exceeding the current high-end ATX power 80% conversion rate, can save you a large electricity bill expense.

DLC2(Optional accessories)

This is a rectangular glass top cover, replacing the acrylic top cover of UP2,

DLC1(Optional accessories)

Install on the back of UP2 case. Keep the back of the chassis closed and you can install a 26mm high THINITX motherboard back damper.

Turemetal UP2
  Name fanless chassis for computer which use thinitx mainboard
  Main material Panel 1.5mm aluminum alloy, 1.5mm SECC (galvanized steel plate), cover 3mm acrylic
  Main material The side radiator is 5mm thick aluminum alloy, and the frontis 8mm thick
  Size and weight  225 (width) x220 (depth) x58 (height, no top - cap screw height) mm
  Heat dissipation  8mm pure copper nickel plating, the effective heat dissipation area of 0.23 square meters, thermal design power consumption 51W
  Mainboard support ThinITX Intel chipset
  HDD support 2x2. 5-inch hard disk mounting
  PSU support It's not related to the chassis (the ThinITX motherboard is directly inserted adapter


Mainboard Support
  ASUS H81T,H110T
  Gigabyte B75TN,H77TN,Q77TN,B85TN,H110TN,H170TN
  Asrock H110TM-ITX
  SOYO SY-Thin Mini H110-Aio
  Wibtek H81G-M
  Jwele H110I-Thin-ITX


Radiating laboratory
room temperature
Win10 standby temperature
AIAD64 StreesCPU
Full load test for 10 minutes
AIAD64 StreesCPU
Full load test for 10 hours
The full power
Maximum temperature rise
  i3 6100
 i5 7600T
Other under test