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Turemetal UP3 Fanless Chassis

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UP3 is a fanless computer case designed for ITX\Thinitx motherboard, with exquisite appearance and zero noise heat dissipation function. As the exterior shows, the case itself is a huge radiator, and fanless heat dissipation may even be superior to air-cooled heat dissipation (within the same volume).

  • Support all ITX and Thinitx motherboards with Intel LGA 115X interface and all ITX motherboards with AMD AM4 interface
  • Two 2.5-inch hard drives and a 3.5-inch hard drive mount bit are available
  • Fanless TDP :55-65w, Intel i5 standard voltage processor (or other models with lower power consumption) is recommended
  • The front USB 3.0 * 2
  • Anodic oxidation process, laser laser LOGO, durable new.

Zero noise experience mini case

In the application environment without independent graphics card, ITX motherboard has become a popular choice because of its small size. UP3 is specially designed for ITX\ThinITX motherboard, compatible with almost all ITX platform motherboards on the market (except X99,X299,X399 chipset), which can quickly build high-performance PC without fan.

As small as possible
The main body size is 240x205x111mm, less than 5.5 liters of volume, delicate and small

High performance zero noise experience
ITX motherboard can support standard voltage high performance CPU, combined with UP3 CPU no fan cooling function, can achieve high performance zero noise

Solid materials
UP3 plate thickness, industry conscience radiator are made of up to 7MM thickness of aluminum alloy, heat pipe diameter of 8MM, nickel plated surface

High-value works of Art

Turemetal UP3 is not only a computer chassis, but also an art boutique on the desktop to show your high-end taste.

Surface Technology of Anodic Oxidation

UP3 uses the same anodic oxidation sand blasting surface technology as the Apple mobile phone, providing a more delicate texture than the cheap wire drawing process.

Improving Productivity

Turemetal UP3 is not only a computer chassis, but also an art boutique on the desktop to show your high-end taste.

Support high performance 6 core CPU

UP3 standard with zero noise cooling kit, support the current mainstream Intel 8 series CPU and AM4 APU

Traditional hard disk support

Although M2 SSD is the best choice, we still support 2.5 and 3.5 for compatibility with users' old hard drives

Strong motherboard compatibility

Designed with statistical algorithm, it is the most compatible ITX fan box among all our products

Aerodynamic dust control

Chassis internal air expansion by heat, dust will not go against the airflow into the chassis, the classic positive pressure dust principle.

Turemetal UP3 Product parameters
  Product use A fan-less computer case that radiates heat from its own enclosure
  Main material All metal parts except screws are aluminum alloy. The side panel radiator is 7mm thick, the panel is 2.5mm thick, the base plate and the hard disk bracket are 1mm aluminum alloy, and the top cover is 2.5mm thick
  Size, weight 240 (width) x205 (depth) x111(height with padding)mm
  cooling parameters 8mm pure copper nickel plated 6, heat sink effective heat dissipation area of 0.33 square meters, thermal design power consumption of 55-65w
 Motherboard support ITX dimension specification Intel LGA115X interface chipset motherboard and AMD AM4 interface motherboard
 Hard disk support 2x2. 5in (maximum height 9.5mm) +1* 3.5in hard disk bit (maximum height 27mm)
 The power to support Support 139mm hole spacing of strip dc-atx power supply, DC socket hole 8.5mm, native support Turemetal TP240